PicsArt Old Version 2024 Download (All APK Versions)

PicsArt is a premier editing app for making photos and images unforgettable. However, most people needed to be made aware of its previous state. In this article, we will introduce you to its older versions, the ones before all the mandatory changes.

We are going back in time to see how PicsArt was in the past and learn about the unique stories of each old version.These older versions of the PicsArt APK offer the best performance. They are not found on the Play Store, but you can get them from other websites. Make sure to choose the correct App package when downloading to avoid getting malware-infected files.

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image of Picsart old version

PicsArt  Mod APK Old Versions

Why Do We Need PicsArt Older Versions?

Many users prefer PicsArt’s older versions for different reasons. What are the reasons behind all that? Even though all the versions of PicsArt contain almost similar contents with slight changes, why do people prefer to use older ones?

Device Compatibility

The first and most important reason is system compatibility. Some older devices do not have sufficient storage space and RAM to run the latest version, which is why users of older devices prefer to use the older versions.

Performance Issues

Lagging and frequent disconnecting problems arise with the latest version on older devices. That’s why peeople love to use old versions on old devices.

Familiar Interface

Users prefer the familiar interface of the older version over the changes in the latest version.

Updates in latest version

Some features and tools in the old version may be updated in the latest version, altering functionality and encouraging users to stick with the older version.

Note: Download the Picsart For PC version to make your persol computer the editing powerhose.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Individuals may opt for older versions for compatibility with older devices and familiarity with the applications.

 Yes, old versions of the APK files of PicsArt Mod APK can already be downloaded here.

Yeah! While older versions may still function, they may not receive updates or bug fixes, resulting in a less secure or optimised user experience.


Older versions of PicsArt’s Mod APK are significant as they are compatible with older devices and provide long-time users with familiar features. These versions include tools and features that newer updates may have replaced. New versions are embedded with the latest updates and features, but older versions contain artistic space.