How to Swap Faces with Picsart AI Face Swap Tool


PicsArt’s AI Face Swap Tool is another amazing tool to elevate your creativity with the assistance of AI. Like Snapchat and Instagram, PicsArt’s face swap tool is incredibly easy to use for creating memes, enhancing images, applying digital art, and swapping faces for fun.

 It’s a super easy and AI-enabled tool that only takes a few minutes to perform face swaps on mobile or online. It’s equally beneficial for both beginners and seasoned designers, allowing face swaps with just a few clicks.

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What is Picsart AI Face Swap Tool?

AI face swaps act like digital masks, created by computer programs capable of replacing one person’s face with another’s in photos or videos. These programs analyze facial features, expressions, and lighting, seamlessly integrating the new face into the image or footage. It’s akin to playing dress-up, but with the aid of technology.

Why should you swap faces with Picsart AI Face Swap Tool?

There are various reasons to swap and edit faces in images. You can utilize this PicsArt feature for creating memes, funny images, or inserting yourself into photos. Additionally, it’s handy for adding yourself back into group pictures you might have missed. Other reasons to use PicsArt AI Face Swap feature include:

Creativity and Design

AI face swaps have become a cool way for artists and designers to make digital art. They use them to explore stuff like who we are, what’s real, and what we dream up. By mixing different parts of faces, these swaps also help artists create characters that stand out.

Entertainment and Meme Creations

Face swapping can add an exciting twist to your memes, placing well-known faces in unexpected scenarios to give them a fresh and entertaining vibe. Additionally, you can get creative by crafting mashup images or videos featuring swapped faces with your favorite celebrities, adding an extra layer of fun and humor to your content.

Educational and Learning Purposes

In forensic science, AI face swaps play a role in aging facial images forward or backward in time. This technology helps investigators visualize how a person might look as they age or as they appeared in the past. Moreover, educators leverage face swap apps to bring history to life by recreating the visages of historical figures, offering students a glimpse into bygone eras

How to do face swaps Picsart AI Face Swap Tool?

Here’s your guide to becoming a pro at face swaps using the PicsArt mobile app!

  • Open the PicsArt App on your mobile device.
  • Click on ‘+’ icon to start a new project.
  • Find the AI tools menu and choose ‘AI Replace‘.
  • Upload your photo that you want to be edited.
  • Brush over the face you want to remove and click ‘Replace’ when you are done.
  • Write a brief description to create a substitute. Or, select an alternative from the possibilities that have already been decided upon.
  • Click on ‘Generate Image to swap the face image.
  • After you are done, click on the ‘Download’ button to save your photo.

Using Picsart AI Replace Tool to give your Images a New Look

PicsArt’s AI Replace tool, similar to Photoshop’s Generative Fill, smoothly incorporates new elements into your photos using advanced AI. With PicsArt’s AI replace feature, you can design unique images and enhance them with creative assets for more eye-catching designs.

  • Get Creative: Experiment with crafting surreal, dreamy artwork by integrating unrelated objects and assets into your current photos. Dive into the AI replace tool in the PicsArt app to explore its powerful generative capabilities.
  • Bring in new objects to your photos: Easily swap objects with different items using PicsArt’s AI Replace tool. Ensure seamless integration by adjusting lighting, shadows, and angles to blend new subjects seamlessly.
  • Give your images a new look:Explore your creativity with the PicsArt AI Replace tool to experiment with new hairstyles or backgrounds for yourself. Additionally, use this AI feature to insert new objects into your images.

Features of Picsart AI Face Swap Tool

Here are some key features of the PicsArt AI Face Swap Tool:

  • Automatic Face Detection
  • AI-Powered Swapping
  • Multiple Faces
  • Face Alignment
  • Blend Modes
  • Adjustable
  • Parameters
  • Filters and Effects
  • Save and Share on social media


In the PicsArt app, you can swap faces with the precise PicsArt AI Face Swap tool. Follow the simple step-by-step guide to achieve a flawless face swap in just a few clicks, ensuring 100% original results.

AI Replace is an innovative AI generative tool within the PicsArt app, empowering you to seamlessly incorporate new assets and objects into your images. Powered by advanced AI technology that continuously evolves, this feature offers remarkable benefits for enhancing your creations.

Yes! The PicsArt AI Face Swap and AI Replace tools are designed for everyone, from beginners to seasoned pros. Simply upload your image, choose a replacement, refine the face or object using the brush tool, click “Generate Image,” and download the final result. It’s that easy!


The PicsArt AI Face Swap tool is an exceptional and user-friendly AI feature for effortlessly replacing and editing face images. With our step-by-step guide, you can seamlessly swap faces using the PicsArt Gold face swap tool, enabling you to create imaginative designs to share with your loved ones.

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