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If you have to decide the best editing app between PicsArt and InShot, then you will notice that PicsArt provides photo editing tools while InShot offers video editing only. Usability, performance, and value make them dominant over each other. In this article, we’ll discover which app suits your artistic desires.

Key Features

  • Picart is known for a wide range of photo editing tools and a social community of creators.
  • InShot is preferred for video editing qualities and social media content creation.
  • Both apps provide a better and more reliable user experience on Android and iOS with HD media.

The choice between Picart and Inshot depends on your creative needs: photo editing and a dedicated social community with Picart, or video editing and simplicity with Inshot.

Editing Tools

When we want to find differences between the features and functionalities of PicsArt and InShot, it is clear that each app is preferred by its tools and features;

Picsart shines in photo editing and built-in community, while InShot shines in video editing. Inshot provides users with video editing features, including trimming, merging, and adding music, enabling content creators to elevate their social media presence. It offers pre-set aspect ratios for Instagram and Tik Tok with a variety of video shifts and effects.

On the other hand, Picsart caters to the needs of photo editors with powerful tools and features designed for cropping, resizing, and fine-tuning images to stand out. Not only editing, Picsart provides a social community platform where editors can interact and share their art work to encourage and collaborate with each other. Through this feature, one can not only enhance his skills but also get constant inspiration and feedback from like-minded fellows.

User-friendly Interface

Another important factor that must be considered in the Picart vs. InShot comparison is their usability and interface, which greatly influence the editing experience for users of all skill sets.

PicArt provides a user-friendly interface that is equally accessible to beginners and advanced users. The design elements ensure easy access to a wide range of features and tools, ensuring a smooth editing experience. PicsArt is a balanced app that offers multiple editing options and an easy user interface for newbies.

On the other hand, InShot has a simple and clean interface, featuring a timeline-based editor that simplifies navigation. You can make quick and efficient edits with just a few taps. 

Both apps prioritize the user experience, offering multiple customization options to tailor the app to your needs. However, PicsArt is a favorite due to the simplicity and sophistication of their editing endeavors.

Price Comparsion – PicsArt VS InShot

Picsart provides limited access to premium resources for free, users might face distracting ads and watermark on their edited work. But in the paid version users can experience pre-made templates and tools. PicsArt Gold changes $5 monthly to individuals and $7 for Team subscription.

Note: If you want to access PicsArt Gold Premium in free download PicsArt Mod APK.

InShot offers video editing for free. To use advanced features it requires a subscription. Inshot Pro costs $3.99 monthly to use the advanced features and $17.9 annually.

Pros & Cons Of PicsArt

  • A wide range of photo and video edting tools
  • Dedicated social community to collaborate
  • AI tools like AI image enhance, BG remover, etc
  • Creative tools and amazing features
  • Social sharing
  • Ads distraction in free version
  • Subscription requirements to use premium tools
  • Watermark on edits

Pros & COns Of InShot

  • Basic version is free
  • Easy to use interface
  • Built-in video editing features
  • Social media sharing of video editing
  • Community to lean and inspire
  • Free version cotains ads
  • Limitation in basic edits
  • To use advance features need subscription plan


PicsArt vs Inshot both offer unique editing features for basic to advanced levels. PicsArt stands out for providing both video and photo editing. With the help of a user-friendly interface, users can create artistic work with AI tools and share them on social platforms. On the other hand, Inshot offers only tools for video editing and does not support tools for photo editing. Both apps are working perfectly fine for the user’s creative endeavourment. 

PicsArt is the best due to its photo & video editing features and user-friendly interface, so we highly recommend PicsArt.

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